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Food is medicine: Embracing strategies for improved nutrition

As a physician, Kathleen Fink, MD, Associate Medical Director, sees how nutrition translates to better health. But access to nutritious foods can pose challenges for injured persons. Dr. Fink explores these issues, and outlines programs that are providing access to healthy foods to help people live healthier lives while also reducing health care costs.

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PTSD coverage in workers’ comp accelerates as the focus on mental health intensifies

In workers’ comp, mandated coverage for PTSD has expanded significantly over the last few years and will continue this trend in 2024. In this white paper, Adam Fowler, a key member of the Optum Workers’ Comp and Auto No-Fault Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs team, outlines recent PTSD legislation developments and associated consequences for stakeholders, and how Optum helps clients stay on top of these developments.

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Partnership that pays: Strategies for improving your bill review savings

Staying on top of medical bill review regulations can be difficult and time-consuming. The Optum Clinical & Coding Logic solution is designed to supplement and complement your bill review efforts to deliver more savings for your organization and customers. By partnering with Optum, you can rapidly increase your bill review savings and reduce strain on your bill review personnel with no implementation costs or platform changes.

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Stronger and safer: Partnering with an established, stable enterprise

Your reputation matters. Working with a vendor partner that has a solid, stable, and positive market presence — as well as strong programs to protect against external threats — can enhance your credibility in the eyes of your customers. Optum is proud to be a part of UnitedHealth Group, one of the world's most respected companies. We have the infrastructure you need to protect systems and data; the human capital to provide you with expert advice whenever needed; and best-in-class governance practices that drive sustained value for all program stakeholders.

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Top 10 factors in the successful management of high-risk claims

For a seriously injured individual, the road to recovery can be stressful and unnerving. Compassionate and careful claims management helps to smooth the way and remove barriers — paving the way for improved physical and emotional recovery. Dr. Robert Hall, Corporate Medical Director, draws on years of experience to simplify the complexity inherent in managing high-risk claims and help claims professionals successfully navigate the claims management process.

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Data that makes a difference: The Optum Risk Score

How can a wealth of data be converted to information that can trigger the changes needed to reduce risk and improve health? Optum clinical and data experts provide the real-life illustration of Tracy, an injured worker, to show how the Optum proprietary Risk Score helped an adjuster and reviewing clinicians guide her prescriber toward actions that placed her on a better path to recovery.

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Early action, better results: The benefits of proactive adjuster involvement in auto no-fault pharmacy claims

Optum Auto No-Fault experts AJ Carrier, Vice President of Account Management, and Melissa Dillingham, Senior Account Manager, illustrate how the power of a customized PBM program and proactive adjuster engagement can work together to help auto carriers significantly reduce the burden on adjusters, improve turnaround times, lower costs, and extend claimant benefits.

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Dispelling the rumors about PPOs and other medical networks

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) serve as an important component of effective claims management by managing medical treatment, medication, and ancillary utilization in accordance with clinical best practices. Unfortunately, misunderstandings regarding the part they play in workers’ compensation have led to concerns and fostered negative connotations. In this white paper, Optum PPO specialists review what you may have heard about these types of networks, and provide clarifications to dispel rumors and inaccuracies.

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Why businesses should use a single vendor for their PBM and settlement solutions programs

In this white paper, we’ll review why using a single vendor for both PBM and settlement solutions services has major advantages for workers’ compensation programs.

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Optum public policy and regulatory experts share the right information at the right time

We’ve all heard the saying, “knowledge is power.” Evaluating legislation and regulation involves lots of details to organize, legalese to interpret, if/then statements to flowchart, and updates to sort. This is where the Optum Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs (PPRA) team really shines.

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Additional thought leadership

Case studies

Learn how Optum helps improve the lives of injured parties, drives cost savings, improves operational efficiency and expedites claim resolution.

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Treating an Injured Person and not a claim

Why Injured-Person Centered Care Is Essential for Driving Better Outcomes in Workers’ Comp

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Medical Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana in multiple states across the country for medical use is generating conversation – and creating challenges

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