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Insights and information from our key thought leaders

Our thought leaders — who are watching industry trends, researching and developing solutions, and staying at the forefront of their fields — share their perspectives.

Lighting the path: The importance of behavioral health in injury recovery

Hear directly from Tron Emptage, MA, RPh, Chief Clinical Officer, and Robert Hall, MD, Corporate Medical Director, on the relationship between mental and physical health, related challenges and solutions, and how Optum works in different ways to “light the path” for injured persons by supporting their behavioral health throughout recovery.

Tron Emptage

Tron Emptage, MA, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer

Robert Hall

Tron Emptage, MA, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer

Traditional vs. transparent pricing: Understanding your options

For Michelle Nack, SVP of Strategy and Commercial Finance, helping clients choose a pricing model goes hand in hand with knowing their business goals. Optum offers both traditional and transparent pricing to support different business needs.

Hear directly from Michelle on the advantages and disadvantages of each pricing model, and why workers’ comp clients are still choosing traditional pricing.

Stacey McKee

Michelle Nack 
Senior Vice President,
Strategy and
Commercial Finance

For Stacey McKee, the Optum “Better, for you” promise is her professional mantra.

Throughout her career, Stacey has focused on client satisfaction. In her new role as SVP of Client Experience, Stacey has even more opportunity to collaborate with Optum clients to enhance their program success and exceed their expectations.

Hear directly from Stacey on how she is working to fulfill our “Better, for you” promise.

Stacey McKee

Stacey McKee, BSN, RN
Senior Vice President of Client Experience

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