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Traditional vs. transparent pricing: Understanding your options

For Michelle Nack, SVP of Strategy and Commercial Finance, helping clients choose a pricing model goes hand in hand with knowing their business goals. Optum offers both traditional and transparent pricing to support different business needs.

Hear directly from Michelle on the advantages and disadvantages of each pricing model, and why workers’ comp clients are still choosing traditional pricing.

Stacey McKee

Michelle Nack 
Senior Vice President,
Strategy and
Commercial Finance

PTSD and mental health in a male

Our latest white paper is now available:

PTSD coverage in workers’ comp accelerates as the focus on mental health intensifies

In workers’ comp, mandated coverage for PTSD has expanded significantly over the last few years and will continue this trend in 2024.

In this white paper, Adam Fowler, a key member of the Optum Workers’ Comp and Auto No-Fault Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs team, outlines recent PTSD legislation developments and associated consequences for stakeholders, and how Optum helps clients stay on top of these developments.

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