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Leader Perspectives

Lighting the path: The importance of behavioral health in injury recovery

Hear directly from Tron Emptage, MA, RPh, Chief Clinical Officer, and Robert Hall, MD, Corporate Medical Director, on the relationship between mental and physical health, related challenges and solutions, and how Optum works in different ways to “light the path” for injured persons by supporting their behavioral health throughout recovery.

Tron Emptage, MA, RPh
Chief Clinical Officer

Robert Hall, M.D.
Corporate Medical Director

Preparing healthy food

Our latest white paper is now available:

Food is medicine: Embracing strategies for improved nutrition

As a physician, Kathleen Fink, MD, Associate Medical Director, sees how nutrition translates to better health.

But access to nutritious foods can pose challenges for injured persons. Dr. Fink explores these issues, and outlines programs that are providing access to healthy foods to help people live healthier lives while also reducing health care costs..

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