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In these short clips, our Optum experts give you the latest information on the topics impacting the workers’ comp and auto no fault industry and they do it in a way so you don’t feel like you are listening to someone reading the phone book. (Some of these might even make you chuckle.)

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Recent podcasts

May 31, 2022 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team
The Policy Guys get a wake-up call about the recent updates to the Work Comp Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement Reference Guide published by CMS on March 15, 2022. Michael Flower and Melanie Carrozza of the Optum Settlement group join our Policy duo to review MSAs, Non-CMS approved MSAs and CMPs.  Click to learn about each of these acronyms and more! Read more...
May 05, 2022
The Policy Guys knock it out of the park with their latest podcast on the New York Workers’ Compensation Board's newly adopted and implemented DMEPOS fee schedule. This episode includes great information, special guests and a lineup of baseball references. Read more...
March 23, 2022 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team
February 24, 2022 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team
February 03, 2022 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team
December 15, 2021 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team
This month, the Policy Guys go head-to-head in a Battle of Wits to determine the ULTIMATE POLICY GUY as they show off what they know about Recent New York Work Comp Policy Developments. During this intense game show, The Policy Guys battle to prove who knows more about the New York Drug Formulary Change, OnBoard Limited Release and the DMEPOS fee schedule. Plus, you will get to meet the Policy Gal! Read more...
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