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We operate in an industry built on trust.

This can only be achieved through communication and support, that’s why we make it easy to find the department or support you need all in one place. 

One Number One Optum
1-833-4U-OPTUM (1-833-486-7886)

Option 1  Pharmacy
Option 2  Ancillary
Option 3  PPO
Option 4  Case Management

Option 5  Settlement Solutions
Option 6  Medical Bill Review
Option 7  Accounting and Finance
Option 9  Repeat Menu

  If you need more assistance, please email OWCA Communications

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Accounts Payable

Ancillary Services

Auto No-Fault

Case Management

Clinical Services

Home Delivery Services

Medical Bill Review

Pharmacy Services

PPO Network Services

Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs

Sales & Pricing

Settlement Solutions