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Policy Guys Podcast - Episode 23: Jumping Jack (Policy Guys) Flash!!

March 7, 2024 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team

The Policy Guys are at it again, offering their unique blend of timely workers’ comp topics and interviews with industry movers and shakers, liberally seasoned with not-so-obtuse but oh-so-cringeworthy pop culture references.

In this episode, the Guys are joined by Lisa Anne Hurt-Forsythe, VP for Government Affairs, American Association of Payers, Administrators and Networks (AAPAN). Listen in as Adam, Kevin, and Lisa Ann cover the latest trends in legislative developments across the nation.

They also discuss the advocacy work that Lisa Ann and AAPAN perform in collaborating with state legislatures and agencies to provide clients and injured workers not only what they want, but what they need.

Policy Guys Podcast