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Auto No-Fault


Auto reviewing provider recruitment

Our unique approach to auto claim management goes beyond simple transactional savings and looks at the claimant’s appropriate treatment. This helps Optum ensure the level and time of care are appropriate, effective, and drive to the best outcome at the lowest possible cost.

We achieve this by partnering with experienced reviewing providers to perform the following services.


Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examination (IME) - An Independent Medical examination (IME) is necessary when a provider, who has not previously been involved in a patient’s care, examines the patient. An IME can address questions relating to a claim such as causality, extent and medical necessity of treatment for an injury or injuries, and address whether the maximum benefit has been reached. 


Paper reviews

  • Medical Director Reviews (MDR) - A MDR is necessary when services being reviewed for medical necessity do not meet the initial review criteria, at the Telephonic Case Manager (TCM) level.  The TCM will refer the request to a Medical Director Reviewer.  The Medical Director Reviewer will hold a non-restricted license to practice medicine in the state of New Jersey
  • Pre-Service and Post-Service Appeals - If a provider is not in agreement with a medical determination or a bill determination the disputing provider may request an internal appeal.
  • Retrospective Peer Reviews - A Peer Review is a review of treatment, diagnostic tests, and other medical services by a provider for assessment and recommendation/determination of medical necessity and reasonableness. Optum will coordinate a Peer Review when a treating provider has performed services that were not submitted for medical review.  

Contracted Reviewing Provider

  • Flexible Arrangements – Providers can choose volume
  • Wide range of services – Providers can choose which types of reviews (paper and/ or IME)


Why Optum?

  • Proprietary Portal
  • Secure electronic communication capabilities
  • Preferred Provider Status
  • As part of UnitedHealth Group ‒ we are an organization dedicated to healthier lives and a better health system
  • We are a diversified health and well-being company that has offered managed care services for more than 20 years
  • We have more than 23 clients across the nation and process 10,000 reviews annually 

How to join our Procura Network

To request more information, or if you are interested in joining our Procura Network, you can start this process by contacting our contracting team, calling 1-800-275-9485 #5, or email us at

Thank You.