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Policy Guys Podcast - Episode 24: Back to school

May 29, 2024 · Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs Team

May is upon us and new grads all over are celebrating. But for the Policy Guys – never ones to follow the crowd – class is just beginning.

In this episode, Kevin (in his best Rodney Dangerfield voice) and Adam (trying mightily to be the adult in the room) consider matriculating at the newly established Serving as the Guys’ guidance counselor is president Bob Wilson, who describes its extensive programs and course offerings that cover just about every aspect of workers’ comp, from onboarding to certifications.

Listen in as Bob schools the Guys about the depth and breadth of this valuable resource for workers’ comp professionals and how it can help you learn both the basics and finer points while advancing professionally in the wonderful world of workers’ comp..

Policy Guys Podcast