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Case Studies

Learn how Optum helps improve the lives of injured parties, drives cost savings, improves operational efficiency and expedites claim resolution.

We searched our extensive databases and used our industry expertise to find great examples of best practices combined with our extensive service offerings that resulted in improved outcomes for claimants and significant cost savings for clients.  

51% Savings on prosthetic

DME Cost and Clinical Review

With the help of Optum, client Amerisure saved $26,000 on a prosthetic leg. Learn how the savings was achieved in this very brief success story.

Meet Jacob

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) 

Learn how switching to a durable medical equipment (DME) benefit management program helped state fund director Jacob increase in-network penetration for DME from 44% to 86%, saving 13% to 15% per eligible bill.

​Meet Jim

Clinical Cost Containment Review (CCCR)

Learn how a Clinical Cost Containment Review identifies problems with an unrealistic Medicare Set Aside (MSA), saves almost $2 million and improves clinical outcomes for worker, Jim.

Meet Jenny

Medication Review

Learn how a Medication Review saved one company more than 89%, almost $35,000 annually, on one claimant’s medication expenses and how Jenny’s pain improved significantly after a change in her medication regimen.

Amtrust case study

Opioid Utilization 

OWCA partnered with client AmTrust to cut 13,000 opioid prescriptions in six months! Check out the case study to see how our collaboration is helping to cut opioid utilization. 

​Meet Lynda

Clinical Alerts

Learn how clinical alerts driven by predictive analytics helped TPA executive Lynda cut opioid spend 12% over the previous year and provide adjusters and case managers with tools to improve outcomes for clients and claimants. 

Meet Mark

Predictive Analytics and VitalPoint® Express

Learn how predictive analytics guided adjuster Mark to accept interventions that saved the insurer 85%, or $55,000 in annual costs, on a long-standing claim.

Meet Aaron

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Learn how an integrated PBM solution helps insurance executive Aaron boost in-network penetration from 72% to 85% ― saving $1.3 million ― within six months.

Zurich case study

Opioid Case Management

Learn how our opioid case management program and clinical interventions decreased opioid utilization 59% and reduced morphine equivalent dose 75%.

Arkansas PECD case study

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Learn how Arkansas State public employee claims division saves 72% after implementing a workers’ comp pharmacy program. Spend drops $1.4 million to $400K.

*These case studies involve actual scenarios experienced by our clients; however, we have changed the names to respect their privacy.