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White Paper

Dispelling the rumors about PPOs and other medical networks

In this white paper, we’ll review what you may have heard about these types of networks, and then provide factual information to dispel rumors and inaccuracies.

Dispelling the rumors about PPOs and other medical networks

What you’ve heard. 

What you may think. 

What you need to know.

Good workers’ compensation programs focus on providing injured workers with access to quality medical care and treatment. This includes the prescriptions, medical supplies, surgeries, specialists, ancillary equipment, and other treatments they need to get back to work or back to better function.

Since the payer or employer is responsible for these medical expenses, they rely on their claims management vendor to help control costs. By monitoring and managing drug utilization, the vendor should make sure the injured worker is receiving the treatment they need at the most appropriate cost.

These networks — developed through legislation, regulation, and industry innovation — can serve as a critical component of effective claims management. Unfortunately, within the industry, they have been prey to rumors and misunderstandings regarding the part they play in the workers’ compensation world and whom they really benefit.


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