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Michelle Nack

Michelle Nack
SVP, Strategy and Commercial Finance

Michelle Nack was named SVP of Strategy and Commercial Finance in July 2023. In this role, Michelle is responsible for driving business strategy development, leading strategic planning on an organizational level, and collaborating with the Optum executive team to develop strategic initiatives that align with customer and corporate vision. Michelle is also responsible for leading the Optum Pricing and Analysis, Coding, and Catalog Support teams in delivering solutions consistent with client and market expectations.

Michelle brings more than 15 years’ experience to this role to understand and formulate corporate strategy from an operational point of view, ensuring that strategic initiatives and the corporate portfolio are optimized to drive revenue initiatives. She is instrumental in leading retention and strategy discussions with clients, developing cost management strategies, and creating innovative market competitive revenue structures. She works collectively with all Optum lines of business, but directly with the Go-to-Market team to drive desired growth results. An effective, charismatic leader and manager, Michelle has held multiple positions in the workers' compensation and technology industries in financial roles setting multi-million-dollar profits and revenue for her organizations.

She holds a BBA dual major degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Kentucky.