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Optum delivers the smarter way to manage Physical Therapy – focusing on pain management and recovery for the injured person.

There are many reasons why physical therapy is important to injury recovery. It helps reduce pain, increases strength and mobility and improves balance. The Optum Physical Therapy Program makes it easy for you to manage this treatment in your claims as we provide:

  • The industry’s largest team of physical medicine clinicians
  • The only physical therapy program in the market that allows for the integration of pharmacy and physical therapy programs
  • A robust, highly-utilized provider portal for better and faster availability of data and information

The Optum Total Care Management focus is on the injured person – walking them through the continuum of care.  Physical Therapy is part of that spectrum. 

In collaboration with United HealthCare and their well-established physical medicine program, Optum is expanding that same experience, expertise and provider network to the workers' comp industry.

We are ready to show you how the Optum Physical Therapy Program can make a difference in your claims and in the care of your injured persons. 

“We enjoy doing business with Optum and are pleased with the level of responsiveness.
The roll out and continued operation of the physical medicine program have gone very smoothly.“
Leadership at Society Insurance


Physical therapy isn’t just another treatment. It's a treatment that can have an impact on pain control, opioid and other medication use, future treatments and procedures, and the time away from work. And, the earlier physical therapy is prescribed in a claim, positive outcomes for the claim and the injured person can add up.  

  • Opioid prescribing guidelines recommend physical therapy as the first-line non-pharmacological treatment before considering opioid prescriptions.
  • Several studies have reported that early physical therapy is associated with lower utilization of medical services and better outcomes.
  • Clinicians and payers are encouraged to work proactively to remove the barriers to early physical therapy.

A Workers' Compensation Research Institute study of low back pain claims compared the use of physical therapy within 3 days of injury vs. after 30 days of injury. Claims that started after 30 days were:


More likely to have an MRI ordered


More likely to receive opioids


More likely to have low back surgery


Higher average of temporary disability

Source: WCRI: The Timing of Physical Therapy for low back pain: Does it matter in Workers’ Compensation September 2020. 


The Optum Physical Therapy difference is our Total Care Management Solution. With our experience and expertise, we focus on your needs to help you achieve positive outcomes with our:

  • Superior network management
  • Leading clinical care management
  • Proven client support and tools

30 years of experience in physical health

130,000+ Providers

215 Musculoskeletal experts designing clinical programs


Our unique link to UnitedHealthcare provides access to their established, wholly-owned network of physical medicine providers.

  • Tiered network is based on compliance with evidence based practices and outcomes
  • Strict NCQA credentialing standards
  • Experienced providers driven by the clinical needs of the injured person
  • Flexible structure that can be customized to meet coverage needs

“Optum service has been top notch with communication that was on point and not overwhelming.”


As an industry-leading Pharmacy Care Services provider, Optum has the unique ability to integrate an injured person’s pharmacy data and physical therapy data. This combined perspective gives our providers a holistic view of the necessary and appropriate treatment for the best results. 

Our expertise, clinical approach and oversight help lead injured persons to…

Fewer treatment days

Better pain scores


Our experienced providers adhere to:

Proprietary, evidence-based clinical guidelines

Protocols for clinical oversight and alerts for deviations

Treatments that follow the injury and not the claim type 


Optum streamlines the physical therapy process with easy to submit referrals, knowledgeable customer service and easy to access and understand reports. Plus, our providers use a required Provider Care Portal for the standardized reporting of all physical therapy treatments. 

  • Required provider completion of a Standardized Patient Summary For to document treatment process in order to receive compensation  
  • Specially-trained customer service teams to handle physical therapy claims
  • VitalPoint® data management portal to request physical medicine services and access claim information

Provider Care Portal
94% compliance

Throughout the injury lifecycle, Optum delivers a expertly-managed Physical Therapy Program that can help you and your injured persons achieve:

  • More appropriate clinical care
  • Lower overall medical costs
  • Fewer prescribed medications including opioids
  • Fewer medical services needed in treatment
  • Detailed reporting on progress and outcomes
  • Faster return to function or work

See the difference Optum can make to your Physical Therapy Program. Choose Optum.

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