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Ancillary Services

The right ancillary services can be as important as the right medication

When someone is injured, they often need more than just a prescription for their recovery. They may need medical supplies like bandages or crutches, transportation to medical appointments, help understanding the doctors' orders or another type of support. The logistics associated with these ancillary needs vary from a simple, one-time request, to more complex, ongoing needs.

Optum is ready to help you manage your ancillary needs. Our services are delivered by knowledgeable and trustworthy providers who are available no matter the complexity or location.

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National coverage through an expansive network of providers

Optum provides one of the industry's largest network of providers for all medical treatments, services and products. Our network ensures savings through in-network transactions and reliable analytics through data capture.

We carefully investigate and review the service records, credentials and expertise of each provider before adding them to our network.

Physical Therapy Program

Delivering the smarter way to manage Physical Therapy – focusing on pain management and recovery.

Modification services

Renovations to the home, workplace or vehicle to help mitigate the chance of re-injury and to facilitate the injured person's return to normal function.

Medical equipment and supplies

Our extensive catalog includes high-quality, formulary-driven, cost-effective products for every medical need.

Home Health Care

Home health care

Optum can help ensure necessary care is provided on schedule and at a competitive cost.

Transportation services

Our national network of transportation providers includes ambulatory, wheelchair, stretcher, basic/advanced life support and airlift services. These assure injured persons have access to reliable, on-time transportation for their medical appointments. A Ride Share program is also available.

Prosthetics and orthotics

Optum offers a comprehensive, full-service prosthetic program tailored to meet the needs of your injured persons while providing cost savings through a contracted network of providers. Our orthotics program includes all coordination and scheduling of evaluations and fittings.

For more information on  our Ancillary Services or any of our insightful products and services email us today:

Concierge care

Our team approach to case consultation includes nurses, pharmacists and therapist to collaborate on a patient-centric approach to care. 

Discharge planning

An injured person may require a variety of services to support their recovery following discharge from the hospital or other care facility. We help manage all of their needs efficiently. 

Catastrophic care

The Optum home health care triage process follows automated protocols to assign subject matter experts and nurses who specialize in managing the unique needs of catastrophic injured persons.

Hearing services

We offer all of the major brands and manufacturers of hearing aids.

We are constantly monitoring new advancements in technology providing the best possible solution for hearing needs.

Translation services

Our national network of interpreters and translators are specifically trained in medical terminology and certified in 200 languages. Virtual services are also available.

Evidence-based clinical oversight ensures appropriate care through ancillary services. With appropriate clinical care, you will see improved outcomes for injured persons,
cost avoidance and faster claim closure.

Client Support & Tools — A powerful ancillary network driven by powerful tools

As the industry's largest source of data and analytic capabilities, we provide tools that work within existing workflows to streamline training, identify emerging risk, support faster claim closure and provide real-time insights and reporting when the information is needed most. 


Optum can customize our interfaces to meet your varying needs using systems of all types. We can build custom EDI bridges to exchange pharmacy prior authorization and clinical alert transactions, so transactions are handled within an adjuster’s native source system. In a similar way, we develop electronic note bridges to systematically journal claim activities into a claims management system.

VENTRIX provider ranking system

Designed to build and maintain an efficient and strong ancillary network, Ventrix coordinates with our proprietary internal, order management system to automatically identify the highest-ranking provider and product based on:

  • Location
  • Quality
  • Clinical need
  • Customer service
  • Price

VITALPOINT®  integrated workflow management

Designed to drive in-network transactions, manage utilization control and provide administration support, VitalPoint facilitates the clinical and financial management of a claim throughout its lifecycle. With VitalPoint you can:

  • Drive appropriate decisions via custom messaging at point of decision
  • Reduce administrative hours
  • View ancillary and pharmacy services at the claim level through easy and accessible reporting
  • Monitor claim-level concerns and trends with respect to risk and spend
  • View and manage all services for a claim to help with total care management